Upgrading to Sage X3 ERP from Sage 500 or 1000

  • Aug 02, 2017

Sage X3 ERP: The natural upgrade path from Sage 500 or 1000

Sage 500 and Sage 1000 remain viable software choices for many small to mid-sized businesses At some point though, many busninesses have to start thinking about upgrading.

The natural upgrade path for line 500 and 1000 is Sage's flagship product, Sage X3.

At Integra we see three key drivers that indicates businesses should upgrade:

1. You have complex and unique business processes.

Sage X3 can be fully tailored to meet your needs. You will no longer have to fit your business to the software. At Integra, we start by making sure the Sage X3 software is tailored to function exactly how your company needs it to.

2. You need a system that can accommodate multiple sites and locations.

When you have diverse suppliers, manufacturing sites and warehouses, it can be difficult to report from one set of data. Sage X3 stores data from all of your various locations all in one place. This ensures that when you come to compile reports, you are getting an accurate view of your whole performance.

3. You need to access real-time data, even when you are offsite.

The modern workplace is no longer confined to the office. More people are working at home, and naturally you want your sales team to be out on the move. Due to the fact Sage X3 is browser-based, the full functionality of the software is available on any smartphone or tablet.

How Sage X3 works

Sage X3 integrates all your business processes, allowing you to manage all of your data in one place, produce financial reports and view areas of inefficiency/opportunities to improve.

By deciding on Sage X3, you are investing in a user-friendly solution that can grow with your company. Integra’s experience and expertise ensure the implementation and continued support would be of the highest quality.

Integra Associates: Sage’s preferred X3 delivery partner

Last year Sage chose Integra Associates to implement and manage their own in-house global Sage X3 system, the success of which lead to them naming Integra as a Sage Authorised Partner.

Sage required Integra’s level of experience and expertise to ensure the implementation and support were of the highest quality.

If Sage chose us for their Sage X3 implementation, why would you choose anyone else?

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