Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Merger Project


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Solutions used

Financial Management
Procurement Management

Services used

Development & Reporting

Helping Anchor Hanover consolidate its financials into Unit4 ERP (Agresso)

As part of the Anchor Hanover merger, we helped the specialist housing and care provider to consolidate their financial systems into Unit4 ERP (Agresso).


Lead Consultant

Anchor Hanover have benefited from an experienced and skilled lead consultant throughout


Complex project

The project has involved understanding business processes to modify the design and configuration of Unit4 ERP (Agresso) to accommodate the merger.


Long term customer

We have been assisting Anchor for over 10 years

About Anchor Hanover

As the largest non-profit provider of housing and care for older people in England, Anchor Hanover manage 60,000 homes for people in later life across more than 1,700 sites, and operate in 91% of local councils in England.

Merged in 2018
£389 million revenue
Anchor was first founded in 1968

“Integra Associates have been a vital part in ensuring the smooth transition of the whole Anchor Hanover Group to Unit4 ERP (Agresso) as part of our merger in late 2018.”

Paul Potter – Business Systems Manager. Anchor Hanover

How have we helped Anchor Hanover?

We have helped the specialist care provider maximise the functionality available within their Unit4 Business ERP (Agresso) system

Unit4 ERP (Agresso) functionality

Fixed Assets

“Throughout the project, we have been continually impressed with the work of our lead consultant, who has been able to combine his extensive knowledge of the Unit4 ERP (Agresso) system with a depth of understanding of the Anchor Hanover business, which was influential in the success of the project.”

Paul Potter – Business Systems Manager. Anchor Hanover