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We have a proven track record of helping professional service businesses improve their efficiencies through our industry leading ERP solutions

We provide cutting-edge ERP software that enables you to automate your key business processes

The professional services industry is one of the most diverse sectors we operate in, with us providing organisations across the globe with the functionality they need to increase their efficiencies and improve the level of service they are able to offer to their customers.

As Unit4 partners, we specialise in the industry leading Unit4 ERP system, a software solution that possesses a track record of innovation when it comes to helping professional services organisations automate as many of their key business processes as possible.

As well as being able to offer you Unit4's powerful ERP software, our 25 years of experience means we can also provide you with an unparalleled level of industry and software expertise, helping to ensure your organisation can achieve maximum benefits from its investment moving forward.

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We have a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours achieve their strategic goals.



We appreciate how fast-paced things can be, and have years of experience of accommodating any growth or change in the scale of your project


Functionality selection

We can offer a fully independent and comprehensive review of all the software available to you, helping to ensure you can select the functionality that is right for you as a business


System integration experts

We can integrate your new ERP software with any of your existing business systems, helping to ensure you are able to benefit from seamless and efficient business processes.


Fast and reliable

We have a proven track record of completing large projects on-time and within budget.


Business analysis experts

We posses the skills to analyse your businesses processes to uncover areas for improvements, while also recommending possible solutions.


Trusted by industry giants

We've helped global multi-national businesses across the globe make the most of their ERP software.

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  • “When we had the demonstrations originally, Unit4 ERP blew us away. It was a truly integrated solution, and really did look like a system that would take us into the future in a really focused and well-planned manner. It provided a solution right across the business.”

    Beverly Carr – Assistant Finance Director. South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • “The Integra Associate consultants have been great, they have become part of the team for us. They sit amongst us and they understand everyone’s work pressures, the organisation's needs and the complexity of our business.”

    Beverly Carr – Assistant Finance Director. South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • “Overall the strength of the partnership between Xura and Integra has ensured the success of an ambitious global project, full of challenges, delivered against a background of significant corporate change.”

    Aaron Parmar – Programme Manager. Xura
  • “The Integra consultants are committed, take ownership and get things done. They have a wealth of experience and have built good relationships with stakeholders to become trusted and valued experts.”

    Aaron Parmar – Programme Manager. Xura
  • “I can’t thank Integra enough for their role in the upgrade, and I look forward to partnering with them again in the future.”

    Darren Draper – Finance Systems & Operations Manager. ELEXON
  • “All of their consultants are highly knowledgeable and experts in their field from planning all the way through to application support.”

    Darren Draper – Finance & Systems Manager. ELEXON
  • “The management team was impressed by the agility and efficiency of Unit4 Business World (Agresso), after the enhancements and integration work, which allowed project managers to generate cost estimates within minutes.”

    Perry Charles – Financial Controller. Clifford Thames
  • “Integra’s work exceeded my expectations throughout our project to build a global, integrated, and customised solution for a multi-national business.”

    Perry Charles – Financial Controller. Clifford Thames