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We provide you with the expertise and ERP solutions you need to move forward as an organisation

We have extensive experience of helping organisations likes yours achieve digitisation through the use of ERP software

As the UK's longest-established partner, we work with the Unit4 ERP system, an industry-leading software solution that provides you with all the functionality you need to manage and support your stakeholders in the 21st century.

Coupled with our expert services, we enable your organisation to take advantage of the benefits of digitisation, which include the likes of self-service and agile working to name a couple. Through digitisation, you can not only help to ensure your organisation are able to save considerable costs, but also that you are able to offer a more modern and responsive service to your customers.

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We offer industry leading ERP software solutions and an unparalleled level of sector expertise

Industry experts

We have helped many large organisations within the sector, including a recent Unit4 ERP implementation South Yorkshire Housing Association

Functionality selection

Our extensive industry experience means we know not only which functionality will be right for your business, but also how you can achieve maximum benefits from it

System integration experts

We can help ensure you are able to integrate your new ERP software with your existing business systems

Cost management

Unit4 ERP provides a flexible and insightful financial and accounting solution

Multi-company setup

We specialise in software solutions that are optimised for multi-company setups

Business analysis experts

We are able to offer a business process and system review service, helping you to uncover possible areas of inefficiencies, as well as recommending solutions that will enable you to improve upon them.

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  • “When we had the demonstrations originally, Unit4 ERP blew us away. It was a truly integrated solution, and really did look like a system that would take us into the future in a really focused and well-planned manner. It provided a solution right across the business.”

    Beverly Carr – Assistant Finance Director. South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • “The Integra Associate consultants have been great, they have become part of the team for us. They sit amongst us and they understand everyone’s work pressures, the organisation's needs and the complexity of our business.”

    Beverly Carr – Assistant Finance Director. South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • “Throughout the project, we have been continually impressed with the work of our lead consultant, who has been able to combine his extensive knowledge of the Unit4 Business World (Agresso) system with a depth of understanding of the Anchor Hanover business, which was influential in the success of the project.”

    Paul Potter – Business Systems Manager. Anchor Hanover
  • “Integra Associates have been a vital part in ensuring the smooth transition of the whole Anchor Hanover Group to Unit4 Business World (Agresso) as part of our merger in late 2018.”

    Paul Potter – Business Systems Manager. Anchor Hanover
  • “Since we engaged with Integra in March, from April we had a team on-site that were able to scope the project, implement and test within the tight time-frame and within budget. ”

    Louisa Hitchen – Audit Manager. Student Roost
  • “They’ve been particularly good at understanding our needs and moving forward they have a great understanding of what we have in place. We have a very trusted relationship with Integra and we will continue to use them as we develop our system .”

    Jonathan Bushell – Head of IT. Student Roost