This month we are celebrating. On 10th May 1995 the company was first registered. What else was going on 20 years ago in May 1995? Step back into the past as we reveal “what else happened in May 1995!”


Manchester United drew with West Ham in 1995 when a win – coupled with Blackburn’s defeat at Liverpool – would have given them the title.

Missy Franklin the US swimmer was born 10th May 1995.


Oasis got their first number 1 with “Some Might Say”.


Movies release this month included Casper (the Ghost), Die Hard: With a Vengeance and Braveheart.


Early May 1995 saw a heat wave one day and then a week later, wintry showers. On the 5th and 6th May, the heat wave reached its peak with maxima as high as 28.6C at Cheltenham. Typically as approached the Bank Holiday Monday, which was VE Day that year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, the weather became cooler. By the end of that week, it became even colder with night frosts and some places even reporting snow.

10th May 1995 – weather forecast with John Kettley