Since this article was first published, our Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Making Tax Digital solution has undergone beta testing and is now available to order.

Following our Making Tax Digital demo, we have continued to work hard on developing our solution and are pleased to announce that the beta testing phase has now begun with selected customers.

As with any large initiative such as this, the HMRC have been continuously developing their own systems, a trend that we expect to continue over the upcoming weeks and months.

As part of the annual maintenance fee that comes with our Making Tax Digital solution, we will continue to work on developing our solution in line with the HMRC’s systems.

After successful completion of the beta testing process, we will be able to make the solution available to all interested parties. We envisage the process taking two/three weeks to complete. We shall be in touch when the process is complete and the solution is available to purchase.

Should you have any questions about our Making Tax Digital solution, or any of our other system add-ons available as part of our range of Expert Solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.