As part of our continued efforts to ensure we remain abreast of the latest security developments, Integra Associates have been awarded the renowned cyber security certification, Cyber Essentials.

Backed by the UK Government, the Cyber Essentials scheme provides businesses from all sectors a level of security they need to adhere to, with it designed to help prevent cyber attacks.

As well as helping businesses improve their efficiencies, save money, and increase productivity, being awarded the certificate also helps businesses meet an array of other requirements from other schemes.

Possesion of the Cyber Essentials certification also enables businesses to bid for UK Government contracts that involve personal data, while it is also viewed favourably by those who work in the private sector.

Split into five key controls, the Cyber Essentials scheme address the most common breaches of cyber security: secure configuration, firewalls and internet gateways, access and admin management, patch management, and malware protection.

As industry-leading independent ERP system consultants, we believe it is important that we remain on top of cyber security and we view this accreditation as an important step forward.