Integra Associates believe that Unit4’s Annual Customer Conference is the most valuable conference of the year for the majority of our clients.

With this in mind, we thought we would draw upon our 6 years experience of sponsoring the conference to share how to get the most out of Unit4’s Customer Connect Conference 2016.

Print Out Unit4’s Information Email

By now you should have received an email from Unit4 covering, accessing the venue, parking, accommodation help desk, registration, the conference mobile app and wi-fi for the event. Be sure to have a copy at hand before leaving for the conference. If you have not received the email, request a copy now.

Hopefully you have already looked at the agenda? If so, the many speakers, sessions, exhibitors, contacts, and potential conversations, may all seem overwhelming. Besides bringing a wad of business cards, in the hope of collecting some (but only from the right people), what else should you be planning on to get the most out of the upcoming conference? From prepping beforehand to having a great time while you’re there, here’s what you need to know to get the most out of Unit4 Connect Conference 2016.

About Those Business Cards

Write your intended action on each card you collect. For example, “request a demo” or “request a copy of presentation. If you have a digital way to store contacts, use tags within the entry to distinguish those that are actionable from the others. Many of those exhibiting have green/blue logos, so it may be difficult to remember who was who at a later date, so make sure to jot a word or to regarding why took their card. Likewise, if you are requiring an action from someone lucky enough to receive your card, be sure to jot a reminder on your card before you hand it over.

Build Stronger Relationships

This conference is no doubt the best time to meet new people, many of whom could become essential Agresso contacts, but more importantly, it is an ideal time to build on the relationships you already have. If you haven’t already done so book a slot with one of our Agresso experts even if it is just to chat about how you have been getting on since we last visited your company. Furthermore, book some time with a member of Unit4’s Exec team. Reach out now to clients, partners, and vendors to meet for a coffee before their diaries fill up.

Choose the Right Sessions

As you can see from the agenda there is an abundance of sessions to choose from, maybe more than you’ll be able to attend! So when you’re plotting your schedule, take a look at the conference as a whole, including the parallel running Unit4 Financial Dreams Agenda. Look at all the sessions and talks you’re interested in, and make sure your plan includes a range of topics, skill-building and information sessions, including the social aspects. Lunch, dinner and pre-drinks can easily be as valuable as the day event. The social times are when you are most likely to make unplanned valuable connections.

And if you find yourself in a session that isn’t quite what you thought it was going to be, don’t feel bad about leaving and joining a second option if you have one. Remember getting the most out of the conference is all about using your time wisely and getting the most out of all that’s there.

Make Sure You Are Being Served!

A session you cannot afford to miss is our own, on day one entitled, “Are You Being Served” covering how to obtain the most from your UBW implementation including:

  • Handling service/help desks
  • Service level reporting
  • Supporting your organisation through request for changes
  • Unit4 software release management
  • Business process and configuration review
  • Maximise your investment through road mappin

Getting the Most Out of Each Session

After each video, demo, workshop or presentation, it is important to distil what you have learnt into a couple of key points. Ask yourself what struck you, what did you learn? Perhaps there was a specific tip that you could utilise or adjust for your own system. If you write anything down during any conference, make it a key take-away that is worth additional consideration upon your return to your office.

Leave There a Winner!

Come along to the Integra conference stand to participate in not one, but two competitions we have running at the event: One to celebrate our 21 years as the UK’s longest standing Agresso delivery partner, which could see you win a premium bottle of champagne. There is a second competition which could see you win over £2000 worth of consultancy! Visit our stand for full details.

See You in Manchester

Following this guidance should ensure you not only learn about what is new and upcoming within UBW, but also about industry trends, gain some new skills, make all kinds of new connections and maybe even win a competition or two.

We look forward to seeing you!