Integra Associates Limited use their international experience to help their clients implement global rollout of Unit4 Business World.

Globalisation is transforming multinational entities into internationally integrated enterprises. This transformation needs a global system which can support the information requirements of truly global management. This brings logistical, cultural and technical challenges in standardising systems whilst still catering for the requirements of individual locations.

Integra has a long track record of successfully tackling the business and cultural issues that arise as well as the practical implementation of U4BW functionality needed to facilitate the operation of global finance solutions. Any global roll-out will consider the business requirements in the key areas of multi-currency, taxation, multiple languages, different reporting timelines, cultural differences and alternative styles of management.

Different countries usually also have specific software requirements related to: statutory reporting, taxation, bank file formats, statutory based charts of account or specific purchase and sales tax regimes. As you would expect of a world-class solution U4BW has a number of features that allow an organisation the flexibility to configure their U4BW solution to meet these needs.