Welcome to our new and improved Integra website. With a fresh look and feel and intuitive design, our new website is designed with you in mind.

Fresh design

At Integra, we are always looking to improve the service we offer, so in an exciting step towards enhancing your experience of Integra, we have launched a brand new website. With a fresh look and feel and a new intuitive design, our new website is designed with you in mind, to enhance your Integra experience.

Mobile optimised

We understand your needs and how we can help you with a variety of ERP challenges. Fully optimised for mobile devices, our new site will allow you to learn more about what we do, how we do it and the partners we work with across the globe, whether you’re at your desk or on the move.

New content

Our range of articles cover everything from product news, customer stories, employee engagement to recruitment, careers guidance to the charitable activities of the team; ensuring you have access to a full spectrum of information and advice.

Easy navigation

Over the last few years, Integra has grown exponentially, addressing the needs of more industry sectors, customers, and more ERP vendors in nearly 40 countries. Our new website enables us to present all the Integra’s activities together in an easy to navigate site.

Through our head office in Leicester and teams in Manchester, Newcastle and nationwide, we are firmly established in the UK and looking to continue our expansion. A vast network of experienced consultancies globally means that wherever there is a need, Integra can offer the solution.

With our new website, we hope to build on the service we offer to you, our clients and are looking forward to continuing to work with you to develop your systems and teams.

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