December team update

Following our fabulous Christmas Party the Integra Team settled down for a post-party meeting. One of the key benefits of working with Integra, either as a customer or an employee, is the Consultant-to-Consultant support we offer. As well as our Consultant Queries Forum we regularly meet as a team to discuss the latest releases and technical issues.

In this way we ensure that our consultant team is always fully supported. Even when on site as an individual consultant, they have access to a huge range of experience, views and advice. This has huge benefits for our customers, as behind each consultant is a strong team, with a wealth of knowledge.

The December meeting covered a number of key topics. Allan Barrow was able to share his insights on the RCP (Research Cost Pricing) module and Income Manager. He ran through a demonstration of each area, explaining the benefits and provided answers to questions raised by the team.

Training and investment in our staff is important to Integra. Our staff regularly attend the official Unit4 run courses, as well as other non-U4BW courses. In the last quarter our staff have been on courses including SQL/RESQL, ARC, Planner and specialist ITIL courses. Consultants who had attended these recent courses feedback to the rest of the team their tips and impressions from these sessions.