Are you considering moving your UBW/Agresso platform to the cloud as part of your next upgrade?

If not, should you be?

With virtualisation technologies maturing into stable platforms, you could benefit from faster and cheaper network links between sites, by moving to cloud hosting, it may be the move that sees you getting more out of your UBW implementation than you knew possible.

But how can you be sure your organisation would benefit from it?

If you need to reduce costs: Firstly, the Agresso upgrade process is streamlined as there is no need to purchase new hardware and software licenses, or no need to upgrade existing servers. If you can’t afford any disruption? With the servers already in place, Integra Associates can carry out a prompt Agresso upgrade at a time that suits you including weekends.

How best could you achieve this?

As Integra is a supplier on the G-Cloud 7 framework. Through the Government’s Digital Marketplace we can provide Specialist Cloud Services for Service Desk Support, Solution Development Services and Cloud Hosting Services. Furthermore, Integra deliver projects globally, across the whole Unit4 Business World (Agresso) platform, including the Milestone5 and Milestone6 upgrades, implementation of new modules such as HR & Payroll, Planner, Income Manager, Commitment Accounting and RCP (Research Costing & Pricing).

Related Services

Managed Services Having a more efficient UBW upgrade can be further enhanced by your environment being managed by our UBW technical specialists. This is a comprehensive technical service which also includes in depth performance tuning should it be required following your upgrade. For more on our Managed Services brochure contact us

Still not sure cloud hosting is for you?

System Review (SRS) Integra can undertake an in-depth review of your Agresso systems and processes. We can review one aspect (for example establish and report on what strategic, operational or system improvements would be realised by cloud hosting) or the whole system. Our SRS is tailored to your needs, requirements and your system. Request a copy of our System Review brochure here.