As part of our continued commitment to providing our customers with the highest-level of service, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

To achieve this international standard, organisations must adhere to a number of quality management principles, notably a strong customer focus, a process approach and a dedication to continual improvement, all principles that Integra strongly believe in.

Through these principles, ISO 9001 helps to ensure customers are receiving services which are of a consistently high-standard, which not only benefits them, but the business in general.

Achieving this certification was a key priority for Integra, and reaffirms our commitment to ensuring our customers are able benefit from continuously improving services as our Managing Director, Mark Bloomer explains:

“Our primary concern is always to improve the service we offer to customers, and we set out down the ISO 9001 route with this in mind, rather than just aiming to achieve a tick in a box. We know that our best services are unbeatable and wanted to ensure that we give our best every time, so we are delighted with our ISO accreditation, and the results of our ISO audit, which were only possible due to the hard work of our committed and dedicated team. As our ISO 9001 consultant stated on our final report:

“A positive recommendation with no non-conformances or OFIs is an exceptionally good result and testament to the way you have embraced your system”