Sharing knowledge across an organisation can bring company wide efficiencies, it keeps your team up to date, better informed and reduces the number of application- or content related questions.

A Knowly is a message pinned to a particular window in the Business World Application, helping users access important information and company policies and procedures quickly. This new functionality is now available via the “Knowly” Experience Pack from Unit4 for users of Milestone 5 Update 2 and above…

Benefits of using Knowlies:

  • Increase productivity
  • Save money on error handling and support
  • Ensure compliance
  • Share knowledge

An example of how you might use a “Knowly”:

You might want to pin absence policy notes to the Absence Request window, or include relevant time codes to the time entry window etc. When you create a Knowly you can choose to share it with everyone, only users in your communities, or you can save it as a personal note/reminder.

Key capabilities:

  • Allow user-created information to be pinned to any window in Business World
  • Distribution can be to everybody, your communities, or save as a personal note
  • Supports hyperlinks and links to other windows
  • Supports cut and paste to/from Knowly
  • Filter and sort Knowlies

For more information visit Unit4 and download their brochure.