Sharing knowledge across an organisation can bring company wide efficiencies, with it keeping your team up-to-date, better informed and reducing the number of application or content related questions.

A Knowly is a message pinned to a particular window in Unit4 Business World (Agresso) which helps users access important information and company policies/procedures quickly.

Benefits of using Knowlies:

  • Increase productivity
  • Save money on error handling and support
  • Ensure compliance
  • Share knowledge

An example of how you might use a “Knowly”:

You might want to pin absence policy notes to the Absence Request window, or include relevant time codes to the time entry window etc. When you create a Knowly you can choose to share it with everyone, only users in your communities, or you can save it as a personal note/reminder.

Key capabilities:

  • Allow user-created information to be pinned to any window in Unit4 Business World (Agresso).
  • Distribution can be to everybody, your communities, or save as a personal note
  • Supports hyperlinks and links to other windows
  • Supports cut and paste to/from Knowly
  • Filter and sort Knowlies

Interested in Knowly?

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