Our first two Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Expert Solutions are now available to purchase, meaning you can now benefit from our Role Loader & Exchange Rate development add-ons.

Designed to work with any Unit4 Business World (Agresso) system out-of-the-box, our Expert Solutions are designed to give you access to some of the most popular development requests quickly and cost-effectively, and prevent you from having to go down the bespoke development route.

As an added bonus, all our Expert Solutions come with an annual maintenance package, ensuring you are fully covered when it comes to the on-going support and upgrade of your solution.

Our Role Loader solution, which is available to order now, allows you to administer roles against users and/or positions using a CSV based approach.

This solution is perfect for uploading bulk changes in a quick and effective manner, with it allowing you to carry out the following tasks, as well as more:

  • Loading of new roles to users
  • Closure of roles to users
  • End date changes for a user/role link
  • Loading of new role to position links

Our other Expert Solution that is now available for you to order now is our Exchange Rate solution, an invaluable add-on, which will not only save your users time, but also help reduce human error.

Our system add-on retrieves the latest exchange rates from a number of sources, giving your users peace of mind that the figures they are submitting are correct. This solution can also be automated through the use of IntellAgent.

Four benefits of ERP Development Add-Ons