As you may be aware of by now, Unit4 have been using the Raven Intel platform over the past 12 months to rate the project and service delivery performance of their partners.

As the UK’s longest standing Unit4 team of experts, who have been working with Unit4’s range of leading business solutions since 1995, we were delighted with the initiative, as it presents us with an opportunity to showcase our customer feedback on an independent platform, helping you to acquire an unbiased analysis of the best Unit4 partners.

These customer ratings and reviews, as well as being available via the Raven Intel website, have now also been made available via a new Unit4 Partner Guide, which has been designed to help you select the best Unit4 Partner for your next project.

As Unit4 Global Service Partner of the Year, we are delighted to be featured in the guide and showcase all the customer ratings we have received over the past 12 months, which should enable you to make a more informed decision when it comes to selecting a Unit4 partner for your next project.

Download the new Unit4 Partner Guide