We are delighted to announce that the Square Kilometre Array Organisation (SKAO) has selected Integra Associates as its Unit4 partner for the delivery of expert Unit4 ERP consultancy and support services.

SKAO is in the process of becoming an intergovernmental organisation, leading the international effort to build a next-generation radio astronomy facility that will revolutionise our understanding of the Universe and the laws of fundamental physics. Co-hosted in South Africa and Australia, the two SKA telescopes will enable astronomers to monitor the sky in unprecedented detail, representing a huge leap forward when compared to any facility currently in existence.

The organisation, which has its global headquarters at Jodrell Bank near Manchester in the UK, implemented the Unit4 ERP system in 2018 after Unit4 won the contract to deliver their ERP software. SKA’s requirements were particularly focused around finance and project capabilities, two areas of functionality in which the Unit4 ERP system is particularly strong.

After several years of intense work focused on the design and technological development behind the telescopes, SKAO is now moving into the construction phase, to make the SKA a reality on the ground. This requires expert Unit4 services, including the development of functionality for various modules, such as Procurement and Fixed Assets, which will support operations across the UK, Australia and South Africa.

Managing Director of Integra Associates, Mark Bloomer, said:

“The back-office of any science project is important, and we are excited to use our extensive skills and experience to build a robust and efficient back-office system, which will help to ensure SKA are able to maximise the utilisation of their project resources and focus on the science.

“The Square Kilometre Array is an extraordinary project. Our team are looking forward to working on one of the most exciting science projects of recent times.”

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