Following our Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Supplier Portal demo, we have been working to respond to all the questions we have been asked about the solution during and after the demo.

Our initial list of frequently asked questions are available below:

When is this available and what is the cost? This product is available to purchase now. You can do so via our free consultation page.

When will the new developments be available? View our Supplier Portal roadmap

Does the document archive have to be within Unit4 Business World (Agresso)?  The DS05 can be configured with whatever parameter required, so agressoblob or agressofile. We’ve tested and both work just as simply as each other. 

Can the order number be made as field on the supplier for us to state if an order number is mandatory or not for a particular supplier?  We would implement a document type override on the supplier. This would mean you would have two document types, a standard one where the order id is not mandatory, which is set up as the default on company information, and a second type where order_id is mandatory, and would be entered on those suppliers who must enter an order id. The portal will then take the one from the supplier, if there is one, otherwise it will fallback to the default set in company information. 

Are you planning to introduce two-factor authentication? Yes, this is implemented using Google Authenticator.

How are communications to and from suppliers managed? In terms of the system, this is all done over the APIs and Webservices using https and basic authentication. However we’re always open to discussing other authentication methods if required. In terms of the emails sent to suppliers, these are automated from the portal when you create their portal account. 

Can a supplier upload invoices via a file (i.e. if they have 50 invoices to add)?  At present you can do this via an XML using our invoice connectivity pack API, which accepts UBL / CII invoices. An OCR pack is also in development which would allow you to upload multiple files

Does the portal show registered invoices to suppliers as well as open & paid items?  Yes, at the top you have the ABC items as checkboxes. In the portal configuration you can re-name these as you wish.

Does the portal allow invoices to come into more than one document archive? The majority of our suppliers have to provide a PO to be paid but we have a small number who do not. We have a different document archive types, one with a mandatory order and one without. Either that or could we point it to the required one dependant upon the supplier account? At the moment it works from the document type configured on the company information, however we are adding a field on the supplier to over-ride this. What the portal will then do is check if the supplier has a specific document type attached to them, and if not, fallback to the company default. 

Does the system convert invoices into tiff documents, as we have our document archive set to this, or does it keep them as there original type e.g. pdf? At the moment the only way to do this would be to set the only allowed document type to be tiff in the configuration. However, we’re open to all development suggestions so this is something we could possibly look at. 

Does the supplier have access to our Unit4 Business World (Agresso) web? No, not at all. All the communication is done (we suggest) using a single user account that only has access to the necessary API and Web Services.

Are there any licence issues with Unit4 Business World (Agresso) (Are any licences taken up by the Portal)? One user license is needed to allow access to the API and web services.

Which Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Milestone version is Supplier Portal compatible with? We are fully compatible with Unit4 Business World (Agresso) MS7, and can add MS6 compatibility if there is demand. 

To what extent is the system able to automate the supplier set up process, i.e. can a new supplier be given a link and left to input relevant information and once complete then send an alert for checking? This was something discussed during beta testing. We decided that to avoid organisations being spammed by new supplier requests, the portal needs a shell account in Unit4 Business World (Agresso) linked to a webid, the supplier then fills in their full details. We could always look to add a “new supplier request form” in the future should there be demand. Of course anything sent in by the portal, be it new fields or changes to fields can be workflowed. 

To what extent can the portal be customised with logos? Also, is this set by the user or by Integra Associates, and are there any additional costs for this if it is set by Integra Associates? At this time we can add a logo, font and some colours. This is included in the purchase price, but it will be in our roadmap to make this user configurable. 

How much work is involved in setting up the system to use the full functionality on offer and can it all be done by the customer? If not, are there any extra costs associated with this? A configuration manual is provided with the solution and our beta sites have self-installed with no issues. If a customer did require any assistance with setup then for a straight forward implementation we would anticipate a day of consultancy would suffice.

How does the invoice input side work for the supplier and how does it integrate with Unit4 Business World (Agresso) in order to eliminate any intervention from our staff where invoices match? At present we are using the DS05 routine to import to documents for registration so it does require a final touch by AP to code the invoice. On our roadmap we have EI02 compatibility and this will then potentially make it a zero touch process. 

It is assumed that the supplier enters data into the system to submit an invoice, can this be linked to a suppliers finance system or is it a manual process for the supplier (i.e. they still have to generate an invoice on their own system and then enter the data again into the Portal)? At present no, but we could look to add this. One of our longer term plans is to add an API to the portal, which would allow suppliers to submit their invoices directly. This would then translate the file and invoice into something that can be imported into Unit4 Business World (Agresso).

Can a supplier attach a PDF invoice with any invoice data and can this be automatically saved to Unit4 Business World (Agresso)? Yes, the supplier can attach their document (allowed types) and add the indexing for the document archive, you can then use intellagent to import the document.

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