As part of our 2019 Unit4 Business World (Agresso) User Day in Birmingham on the 13th of November we will be supporting four charities: The Woodland Trust, Mind, The British Red Cross and Sands United FC Leicester

Those attending the event (a last few remaining places are still available) will be able to select on the day which of these four charities they would like us to donate £10 to on their behalf. We will then record the overall donations to each charity at the end of the event and send these to the individual charities.

As a business, we have chosen these four charities to support as they all not only perform invaluable work across a range of communities, but they also cover a mix of important issues, all of which have a profound impact on our modern world. You can find out more about each charity below:

  • The Woodland Trust: The largest woodland conservation charity in the UK, the Trust has planted over 43 million trees since 1972. Their three key aims are to plant, protect and restore the UK’s wildlife, key components when it comes to tackling the growing climate emergency.
  • The British Red Cross: Formed in 1870, The British Red Cross help anyone within the UK or around the world get support when a crisis strikes. This includes helping UK residents who need assistance to live independently, supporting refugee or asylum seekers and working around the world to help people who have been forced to flee their home as a result of conflict.
  • Mind: Every year one in four people suffer from mental health problems, with Mind working to help ensure that no one faces these problems alone. They do this by campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health problems.
  • Sands United FC Leicester: Sands United FC Leicester is a powerful way for bereaved Dads to find and support one another after baby loss through a shared love of sport. Many men struggle to talk about the impact their baby’s death has had on them, but by playing as a team, Sands hope they are able to break the silence around baby loss and help others do the same. Sands United FC has already saved the lives of men left feeling like they had no one to turn to in their grief.

You can find out more about the work of these charities by visiting the relevant links above.