Task management is about achieving goals, be that daily, monthly or by project. Tasks can be individual or collaborative, all with an end goal in mind and usually a timescale and importance rating attached.

Effective task management in an organisation can become quite a complex mission and can require a combination of activities such as resourcing, priority, time, repetition and communication.

As these activities become more involved, organisations look to software to help manage these tasks and this is where the new experience packs from UNIT4 Agresso come into play.

The team at UNIT4 have developed a number of experience packs that sit on top of the core Agresso platform, giving a completely new user experience and empowering the user to take back control of every day tasks and activities.

The Task Management experience pack allows users to prioritise their work, filter tasks in order of importance, type of due dates, collaborate and share your work moving tasks easily to colleagues and the ability to chat live to quickly resolve issues and process items faster.

The Task Management solution works alongside the Agresso tasks mobile app, so even when you are on the move you can deal with approvals and get items processed quickly

So for anyone who has to approve invoices, timesheets, absence or purchase requests the Task Management experience pack can simplify your daily routines without the need to move to another software package.

Key Features

  • Graphic visualisation of tasks and priorities
  • Collaboration and in-context discussions
  • Ability to share tasks with colleagues
  • Free text searching for specific tasks
  • Choice of simple or advanced task list display
  • Filtering by type of task, due dates and importance.

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