If you are interested in finding out more about the latest update, please head over to our Unit4 Business World Spring 2017 (Agresso Milestone 7) page.

As the UK’s largest and most established provider of independent Unit4 Business World (Agresso) services, we have extensive experience when it comes to implementation/system upgrade projects.

With this in mind then, we have complied a list of the top features in Milestone 6 that we believe users should be aware of.

While there are many features to choose from, we have chosen the updates that we believe will make the most difference to users who are upgrading from Milestone 4 or 5.

1) The ability to create browser enquiries and templates on Business World Web

The inability to create reporting templates in Web was the biggest single hindrance that prevented self-reliant users migrating from Smart Client to the web.

2) “Just-In-Time” user creation is now provided

Administrators can now create rules on how to add new users in Business World, enabling them to avoid using custom integration solutions from external identity providers such as Active Directory Federation Service.

In other words, Unit4 Business World (Agresso) can now be set up to create users based upon their claims on first login, easing a recurring procedural challenge.

3) AR maintenance of open items in Business World Web has been enhanced to allow for the opening of outstanding and paid invoices directly in the window, for both the specific customer and for all customers

The lack of one screen as a source of all Wisdom in AR for Web users had been a notable inconvenience up until now.

4) New module enabling organisations to automate the process of importing and reconciling electronic bank statements, reducing the requirement for manual administration

With large organisations reconciling multiple accounts on a daily basis, the reliance on knowing the downloaded file name for statement import routines was making this a time-consuming task.

5) Individual timesheet rows can now be set to ‘Ready’ whilst the overall timesheet remains in draft status

In work environments where people operate across many work orders and projects, this new feature allows timesheet entries to commence, rather than them having to wait until every detail is perfect.

6) Unit4 Business World (Agresso) now has a new Application Planning Interface (API) server for hosting public APIs

The ability to integrate with open APIs is important to many of our customers.

The opportunities it opens in leveraging multiple bespoke IT solutions to work seamlessly and automatically for various aspects of work is endless…

7) Documents relating to a purchase order can now be viewed and added at order line level

This simplifies the processing of multi-line purchasing orders with substantial supporting documentation

8) Approved workflow tasks from e-mail

E-mail approval allows workflow tasks to be approved by replying to task notification e-mails with actions and comments. Customers can enable this for some or all of the steps in their workflow processes.

Furthermore, to give users a better basis for making decisions in document archive, documents can now be sent as attachments on task notification emails.

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