Unit4 yesterday released the latest update of their Business World (Agresso) ERP solution, 7.6

The standout features of the update include new global and inter-company project capabilities, and improved functionality to help you improve cross-company collaboration.

There is, as always, a focus on improving the People Experience too, with the introduction of improved functionality for tasks such as Expenses and Timesheets. It also contains a range of fixes related to issues from previous releases.

To help you understand the benefits of the latest 7.6 update, we have summarised some of the key features below:

Product Window now available in the web

Designed in order for you to be able to register and search for products, as well as edit product information, the Product Window is now available through the web as well as the desktop. As an added bonus, the window within the web has also been simplified to help it become more intuitive.

Global projects

Global Projects enables project-based organisations to benefit from increased efficiencies, as Leading Companies who require resources from Supporting Companies can now manage these resources within one single global project.

Information from Global Project can also now be retrieved and managed through a range of new API’s.

Default blank description in Timesheet entries

Unit4 Business World (Agresso) users are now able to benefit from a blank description by default when they add a new line in the following windows:

  • Timesheets .
  • Timesheets – standard
  • Timesheets – maintenance
  • Timesheets – multiple resources

This enables greater freedom for your users as they are now able to add their own description in to their Timesheet entries, rather than being forced to enter a project or work order description.

Human Resource (HR) improvements

The personal/group increment plan window has now been improved to enable you to increment pay steps for resources and groups of resources by a % your choice. In addition, there is also a new attribute available which allows you to use a position code to set up group increment plans for specific positions.

The PR24 server process has also been amended so that you are now able to run it for multiple pay scales at the same time.

Electronic reporting

The electronic document repository window can now be used to track messages submitted electronically to statutory organisations, enabling you to verify the configuration of the electronic document.

This will also allow you to easily maintain and manage electronic documents.

Customisation of Expenses mobile app

The user experience within the Expenses mobile app has been improved, meaning you can now customise your view according to your preference.

This can be achieved by hiding the Cost Categories fields in the app for new expenses, expenses created from the camera or mileage shortcut and already uploaded expenses.

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