Last week saw the release of Unit4 Business World (Agresso) 7.5, the latest update of the original Milestone 7 release.

As the longest established Unit4 Business World (Agresso) UK partner, we are often asked from our wide range of customers for a breakdown of the features of a latest update, in order to help them to understand what the key benefits of upgrading would be for their organisation.

To assist this process, we have listed a summary of the key features and benefits of the latest 7.5 update below, helping you to quickly understand which new functionality your organisation would benefit from if you decided to upgrade.

New Financials web functionality

  • Extended payment plan functionality on the web, including the improvement of credit management capabilities to provide a better user experience
  • Full end-to-end direct debit processing is now available through the web
  • Various enhancements including the ability to batch input credit card information
  • You can now change the status of ‘closed items’ within AR and AP

Requisition Experience Pack 2.0

  • Order your follow up new fields to meet Peppol standard
  • Link flexi-fields to tables, save and transfer flexi-field information in transactions to information in Purchase Orders, as well as much more
  • Find purchases in the drop-down list by order date
  • Option to include low-ranked products in purchase lists

Information Browser

  • Number of enhancements including the ability to show the object the Information Browser is based on, expressions as a search criteria, and improved analysis capabilities to name a few


  • GDPR data anonymisation process can now be applied to expense transactions
  • Additional object for reporting on missing substitutes
  • Ability to include or exclude closed or parked attributes in Modeller structures for reporting
  • Headers are now more readable within Workspaces


  • You can now support header level approval of invoice proposals in your workflow if required, enabling you to handle large project invoice proposals more efficiently


  • Full support of your project billing is now available on the web

Field Service mobile

  • Configurable information templates allow you to report on additional information on a service order, report according to a checklist format, and make data entry mandatory

Smart Invoice processing (Early access only)

  • Free up staff time with a new workflow function for incoming invoices which predicts the GL-analysis of an invoice


  • Save considerable time with the ability to fully submit your expenses via the mobile app, as well as import transactions from your credit card

Reference Projects 2.0

  • Extended search options, more relevant KPI’s for project assessment, and improved creation of project details

Project closure

  • Speed up project closure and reduce the risk of overlooking unfinished work by showing all the open transactions on a project, and automatically running queries across all project-related activities

Organisation charts

  • Ability to build uneven hierarchal levels within a chart to better reflect real-life structures


  • Increased focus as Wanda points users to priority tasks
  • Wanda can be utilised as a location for questions and answers, allowing staff to access the channel for any queries they may have surrounding company policies, saving considerable time for all involved
  • Now available via Microsoft Teams

Subcontractor Management

  • New module designed for customers in the construction industry, which allows you to better manage your relationship and use of subcontractors.

Three signs its time to upgrade your Unit4 Business World (Agresso) system