The 27th of April saw the release of the second update (7.2) of Unit4 Business World Spring 2017 (Agresso Milestone 7).

As explained in our recent Unit4 Announce GDPR Plans blog, one of the key features to come out of the update is the new routine for the automated anonymisation of personal data. This process has been specifically designed to help Business World customers comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as efficiently and accurate as possible.

Aside from this new process though, there are a range of other functionalities and enhancements that have been added, with a quick summary of the most important changes available below:


New functionality for Data Anonymization has been implemented.

Logging of Web Services requests have been added.


New functionality and enhancements for Information browser have been implemented.


Enhancements in the integration suite with PSA related to Purchase orders and Invoice data.


New functionality related to PEPPOL has been implemented in Import order confirmation (PO40).

New MessageHub receiver adapter for receiving order confirmation messages.


Changes to improve accessibility.


A number of security enhancements have been implemented.

Three signs its time to upgrade your Unit4 Business World (Agresso) system