These questions have been posted in response to our Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Customer & Supplier Portal product tours.

When are these available and what is the cost?

The portals are available to purchase now. You can build your own personalised quote using our Portal quote builder.

When will the new developments be available? 

Please view our Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Customer & Supplier Portal roadmap.

Which Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Milestone versions are the Portals compatible with? 

They are fully compatible with Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Milestone 7, and Milestone 6 Update 2+, however some of the recently released Portal features may not be supported on Milestone 6 due to a lack of APIs.

What information is stored in the Portals?

We have designed our platform to be incredibly data light, only storing the absolute basic information required for accounts and support.

The majority of information flows real time from your Unit4 ERP (Agresso) system.

What data centres do you use?

We are hosted on the Digital Ocean platform, specifically the LON1 region, which uses the Equinix LD5 Tier4 data centre. 

We are able to utilise servers in other regions though if your location requires it.

What security is in place for our users?

A user account is linked to an email address which cannot be changed. When a user is set up in the Portal they will receive a link to the system to set their password which is valid for 24 hours. If that link expires they can use the password reset link which has a token with a one hour expiry time.

Additionally, you can secure the system using two factor authentication. We use Google’s 2FA system, but this can be used with multiple apps, such as Googles’s own, or other tools like Authy. 

What options are there to control bank details changes?

The system will currently modulus check bank details when they are entered, while you also have the option to require a document(s) before the system will save the change.

This change request can then be workflowed via the standard Unit4 ERP (Afgresso) workflow processes, meaning you can stop the change happening if you are not happy with it. 

How are communications to and from end users managed? 

In terms of the system, this is all done through APIs and Webservices, using https and basic authentication.

However, we are always open to discussing other authentication methods if required. In terms of the emails sent to users, these are automated from the Portal when you create their account. 

What payment providers can you work with for customer invoice payments? 

We have designed the Customer Portal so that we can work with any provider that allows us to communicate with them electronically.

We currently support STRIPE and WPM and will add other providers “on request”, usually free of charge as long as they have a suite of webservices or APIs we can connect to.

Can the system do xxxxx? 

Just ask!

We’re happy considering any developments at all, although we are sometimes limited in what we can do as we remain focused on staying “customisation free”.

However, our developers are highly skilled in coming up with creative solutions. If your development benefits other customers then we may also develop it free of charge.

Does the Portal show registered invoices to suppliers / customers as well as open & paid items?  

Yes, at the top you have the ABC (BC for customers) items as checkboxes. In the Portal configuration you can re-name these as you wish.

Customers also have an additional screen where they can just view and pay open items, while you can also have the Portal send a transaction back to Unit4 ERP (Agresso) to match the payment to the invoice automatically.

To what extent can the portal be customised with logos? Also, is this set by the user or by Integra Associates, and are there any additional costs for this if it is set by Integra Associates? 

At this time we can add a logo, font and some colours. This is included in the purchase price, while we also allow for user configurable stylesheets to be uploaded.

How much work is involved in setting up the Portal to use the full functionality on offer, and can it all be done by us? If not, are there any extra costs associated with this? 

A configuration manual is provided with the solution and our beta sites have self-installed with no issues. If you did require any assistance with setup, then for a straightforward implementation we would anticipate a day of consultancy would suffice.

However you can opt for more days if you require any technical assistance in opening up servers and firewalls, or even just to help configure the system in Unit4 ERP (Agresso).

We have strived to make the manuals detailed enough so that you can do it yourself if you choose to.

Does the document archive have to be within Unit4 ERP (Agresso)?  

The DS05 can be configured with whatever parameter required, so agressoblob or agressofile. We’ve tested and both work just as simply as each other. 

Can a supplier upload invoices via a file (i.e. if they have 50 invoices to add)?  

At present you can do this via an XML using our API pack, which accepts UBL / CII invoices.

An OCR pack is also in development which will link our Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Invoice Automation solution to the Portal for AI OCR.

Further to this, we also plan to expand our API to make it more generic so that suppliers can send their invoices automatically from any system.

To what extent is the Portal able to automate the supplier set up process, i.e. can a new supplier be given a link and left to input relevant information, and once complete, then send an alert for checking? 

This item is currently in our backlog as it is blocked by a Unit4 R&D ticket.

Once the issue is resolved, you will be able to configure a “new supplier form” for use on the portal. This means the supplier form can be relatively simple (i.e. not require all the Unit4 mandatory fields such as short code).

We would then recommend pushing this into a standard workflow form which can then use a service call setup to create the supplier. Alternatively, you can simply set up the “shell” supplier account in Unit4 ERP (Agresso) and then ask the supplier to log in and make any further changes.

How does the invoice input side work for the supplier and how does it integrate with Unit4 ERP (Agresso) in order to eliminate intervention from our staff where invoices match? 

At present we are using the DS05 routine to import to documents for registration, but you can piggy back on the EI02 routine to potentially make it a zero touch process. 

We also offer a Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Invoice Automation solution which can accept invoices via email.

It is assumed that the supplier enters data into the Portal to submit an invoice, but can this be linked to a suppliers finance system or is it a manual process for the supplier (i.e. they still have to generate an invoice on their own system and then enter the data again into the Portal)? 

At present no, but we could look to add this.

One of our longer term plans is to add an API to the Portal, which would allow suppliers to submit their invoices directly. This would then translate the file and invoice into something that could be imported into Unit4 ERP (Agresso).

Can a supplier attach a PDF invoice with any invoice data and can this be automatically saved to Unit4 ERP (Agresso)? 

Yes, the supplier can attach their document (allowed types) and add the indexing for the document archive, you can then use intellagent to import the document.

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