Unit4 ERP has been ranked as a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution by users as part of SoftwareReviews ERP Data Quadrant Report.

The report, which features all the leading ERP solutions available in the market, collects ratings from verified IT and business professional users on a range of factors related to the performance of the software, such as user satisfaction, product features and business value to name a few. All of these ratings are taken into account to give each solution a final ‘Composite Score’.

Unlike other reports, SoftwareReview’s Data Quadrant report does not take into account any market share or analyst options, ensuring that each ERP solution’s score is based 100% on verified user reviews.

In terms of performance, Unit4 ERP has been ranked third amongst the solutions available in the market, with a Composite Score of 8.0.

Unit4 ERP’s Net Emotional Footprint Score, a rating that measures users’ feelings towards the solution, was +84, making it the second most popular ERP solution.

In general, Unit4 ERP users were particularly positive about the solution when it came to ease of implementation and data integration, two service areas we have extensive experience in.

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