While modern day working practices may mean many of you are used to working at home remotely from time-to-time, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has turned this into the new normal, with people across the globe now working this way for sustained periods of time.

While the growing adoption of cloud hosting for Unit4 ERP systems over the recent years does mean a large proportion of users are able to access the system regardless of their location, the move to continued remote working can still cause a number of challenges for organisations. This can be general business matters such as communication issues, as well as specific Unit4 ERP challenges, such as a new reliance on the web.

During this time, we are keen to help organisations overcome as many of these challenges as we can, which is why we have compiled a list of our top four remote working tips when using the Unit4 ERP system. We hope this, along with our offer of free, no commitment onboarding to our Unit4 ERP remote support desk, can at the very least start you on the right path towards tacking some of the business challenges you are currently facing.

Top four Unit4 ERP remote working tips:

1. Using the web you can create your own enquiries using the Web Browser

2. You can use saved templates in Web Browser to create charts or with Analyzer

If you find the system performance better when using the web, you can still create, and save if required, ad hoc browsers using the ‘Create New Report’ menu item in the ‘Reports’ sub menu within the web modules. Browsers that are saved can have charts and/or Analyzer data sets stored against them.  

3. The Collaboration tool can be used for brief in-system conversations between users on the web.

You can chat online with other web users using the Collaboration tool on the top right of the screen – the speech bubbles icon between the task list and the search box. There is not a need to exit the system into another application to use this.

4. Using common/custom Menu Items, you can move menu items into e.g. ‘Your Employment’, in order to avoid you having excess module menus with little content

If you do not habitually use web and are unfamiliar with the navigation around modules, you may benefit from having your most commonly used items added to the ‘Your Employment’ menu.

This can be done in three easy steps within the custom menu items screen, which is located within the Common module. Instructions appear at the top of that screen when it is opened.  

Free, no commitment onboarding to our remote support desk throughout the COVID-19 pandemic