The efficiency of your accounts payable process is crucial to the overall success of your organisation. There are many reasons for this, but one of the key factors is that an efficient AP process enables your organisation to make considerable cost and time savings. Despite this, many organisations still rely on manual invoice processing, even though it has been proven to be inefficient and costly.

Our new Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP Invoice Automation solution offers an alternative though, helping you to eliminate manual work and errors from your AP process. By answering the questions within our ROI calculator below, you are able to view how much your organisation could save if you were to start using our Invoice Automation solution as part of your AP process. Simply move the sliders to get started!

Often, the savings are actually much greater than the numbers displayed below once you start to consider the indirect costs of errors, delays and employee dissatisfaction that arise from manual invoice processing.

ROI Calculator

This calculator allows you to see your current and expected invoice processing costs.
The calculator is based on
  • A 37.5hr working week
  • 7 weeks off per year
  • An 18.5 second per invoice correction time from this

Your staff

What is the full cost of your AP staff?

What % of their time is spent inputting invoices?


Remember to include all scanning, input and correction time.

Your invoices

How many invoices do you process a year?

How much do you currently spend on invoice processing systems a year?


Include any license / maintenance cost per year for your current system


Your current cost per invoice
£ 1,100
Your projected cost per invoice
£ 1,100

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