Available as of the 7th December 2021, the latest release of the Unit4 ERP software features significant changes across five key areas:

  • Overall improvement on web compliance and accessibility
  • Compliance in Finance 
  • Web availability in Procurement 
  • Visualisation in Expenses 
  • HCM – IC Resources API 

We’ve included a quick snap shot of these improvements for you below:

  • Overall, they are now following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, making the ERP more accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities
  • In finance there is a revised security requirement for ISO20022 payments across Peppol for content signature and content encryption
  • Procurement now offers Subscriptions, Contract Acounting and Inventory Management with 100% availability on web
  • Addition of an Electronic Order Agreement to combine information of an order and an order confirmation, as well as new enhancements to the Requisitions Experience Pack
  • Added visualisation to expense approvals and filtering to project billing including:
  • Visualized receipts in the workflow approval screen for Expense Reports
    • Enhanced invoiced base filtering, allowing invoices to be raised more easily up to a specific date (currently only possible by time period)
    • Invoice base line items with closed or invalid attribute values can be deleted or archived
    • A minor functionality improvement allows users to keep changes they make to the width and or order of columns in Invoice Bse
  • In HCM – IC Resources API now allows the creation of resources outside of the ‘request IC resources’ and ‘update IC resources’ server processes. This essentially now means that you can now import IC resources data from external tools into the ERP

In addition to all of the above, there is now a function to allow a user to select their level of integration between the ERP and TM. Users can select if they want to use the basic integration (OrgChart & Personnel) or both integrations (OrgChart & Personnel + Competence).

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