Submitting and processing expenses has long been a task that staff and accounts team dread to carry out.

Not only is it time-consuming for those submitting claims, but it is even more of a pain for those that are charged with approving them.

So, what has got people talking about Unit4’s Travel and Expenses software solution then? Well, it was recently voted a “high performer” in the G2 Crowd Autumn reviews, with over 71% of users giving it 5*.

The solution from Unit4 has been widely praised for its user-friendly, easy to use mobile-enabled interface, making it simple for employees to enter their expenses on the go, preventing the traditional build-up of claims that hamper so many businesses.

Other features that have been praised by users are:

Collaboration tools that help to clarify issues or errors quickly.

The ability to photograph receipts and attach them to claims using the mobile app.

No need for lengthy training due to the easy to use and intuitive screens.

Information can be tracked quickly via integration with ERP, finance and payroll.

Travel expenses are sent electronically to prevent lost paperwork.

Managers can verify and approve expenses on the move.

Car allowances calculated via Google Maps.

Corporate rules and guidelines are integrated with expenses.

View the status of your claims.

Complete overview of current and past expenses.

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