Unsure whether your current Sage 200 system has all the functionality your business needs to support its growth moving forward? Would you like to know more about the upgrade options from Sage 200?

These are often the questions we find Sage 200 customers asking themselves when they are starting to wonder whether their organisation has outgrown their current Sage 200 system.

Typically, these organisations have often experienced a period of growth recently, which has left them requiring new functionality to support new business processes which have been introduced to accommodate and support their growth. Often they find that their Sage 200 system, while suitable in the past, lacks the functionality they require if they are to continue their growth moving forward

To help Sage 200 customers who find themselves in this position, we have compiled a free Sage 200 upgrade guide, which compares the key functionality differences between Sage 200 and Sage X3, the natural upgrade path from Sage 200.

Sage X3 is the flagship ERP business management software offering from Sage, which has been designed to help organisations manage growth, reduce costs and better serve their customers. Our free guide helps you understand how this is possible by comparing the functionality of Sage X3 and 200 on a module-to-module basis, making it easy for you to understand the key functionality differences between the two systems.

Download our free Sage 200 upgrade guide