Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency.

Real-time monitoring of inventory status

Supply Chain Management enables you to maximise the potential of your products, all the way through from purchasing to sale.

From initial purchase, through to inventory management and sale, Supply Chain Management provides you with a fully integrated view of your businesses’ activities, with its power only enhanced should you choose to integrate it with any one of a number of complimentary solutions.

The Capabilities

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What can Supply Chain Management do for you?


Manage your suppliers from beginning to end throughout the purchasing process.

Inventory management

Optimise your stock through real-time inventory monitoring.

Sales management

Accelerate sales and provide unrivalled customer service, with quick access to key information.

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Find out the key features of Sage X3Supply Chain Management and how it can help maximise the potential of your inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions regarding our SageX3 Supply Chain Management solutions. Should your query not be covered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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How does the Supply Chain Management solution help us enhance our customer service?

The integration of sales, inventory, purchasing, finance and manufacturing provides your business with a complete picture of a customer’s activity, allowing you tailor your activities to them.

Where does the purchasing processes begin and end within Sage X3 Supply Chain Management?

The purchasing processes within Sage X3 Supply Chain Management begins with the management, input and follow-up of Request For Quotes (RFQ), and ends with integration into the price list base.

Why is having a real-time view so important?

Having access to your inventory levels in real-time allows you to make instant business decisions, helping you to increase efficiencies and help ensure your stock management is always under control.