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Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP)

Take control of the costing, pricing & approval of your grant applications

Understand the full economic cost of research to your institution

Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) is a system developed by Unit4 to calculate the true cost of research to an organisation. RCP adheres to the principles of FEC and in accordance with TRAC methodology, it enables you to produce accurate cost estimations and agreements on prices for grant applications.

When completing costing research for an organisation, there are several things to consider before proving whether the funder is going to finance 100% of the cost to the organisation: staff costs, non-staff costs, student costs, estates costs, indirects and overheads.
We deliver RCP solutions that take all these costs into account and deliver transparency, control and increased efficiency with significant cost and time savings.

Designed by Oxford University in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, RCP was built with universities and non-profit organisations in mind, but can easily benefit any business that receives fund applications.

Benefits of an RCP solution

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Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) offers you a range of functionality, all of which is designed to help you provide the best level of support to all your grant applicants.

Control & transparency icon

Control & transparency

Gain increased control & transparency around your cost & pricing information

One point of data entry icon

One point of data entry

Working from a single, shared, fully featured solution, enables better communication between all your different departments, and clear audit trails for you to work from

Ease of use icon

Ease of use

The intuitive, user-friendly solution is designed to encourage participation by all relevant parties

Increased efficiencies icon

Increased efficiencies

These are experienced on a day-to-day basis, and can offer your organisation significant cost and time savings

Accessible data icon

Accessible data

Enabling you to export data and build interfaces with your other systems, it can save you time and reduce the risk of human error

Fully integrated icon

Fully integrated

The integrated solution has a low-cost of ownership, meaning it is often easy to build a solid ROI business case for it

RCP Services


Our implementation is governed by a human approach that is both transparent and flexible in nature. With a proven record of successful implementations, we will work with you to create a solution that best meets your requirement.

Through design and development workshops, we not only work collaboratively with you to ensure successful completion of each project phase, but deliver effective knowledge transfer that allows substantial time for a comprehensive support transition.

Managed Service Support

With many successful implementations as well as multi phased projects. Integra Arribatec have an intimate understanding of the recurring need to have an agile solution. We provide a Managed Service that not only includes the break/fix support, but also allows for further development of the existing Live solution.

We are flexible and are happy to discuss an arrangement that works for you. We will work with you to find a wide-ranging support package, however small.

Customisation & Enhancements

Expected to capture Ethics or Risk information relating to a project? Or perhaps you want more of an overview of the lifecycle of the grant for reporting? Maybe you need to attach your Contracts to the project. Whatever the customisation, we can help.


Reinvent your reporting by exploiting the highly effective method our consultants use for capturing and manipulating data. Irrespective of whether your requirement is Management or Operational reporting, Browser, Excel, or PDF, if the requirement is a new report or a refurbishment of a popular but now aged report, we are focused on working with you to enable reporting that is both real-time and dynamic.

RCP web service consumption

Looking to import resource and salary data that requires no modification for RCP use? Want to import Funder information? Or perhaps it’s both, RCP can handle it.


We offer a comprehensive suite of training for RCP that includes all the knowledge transfer sessions that you will need to manage on-going maintenance of the key data within your system.

Proven record of successful RCP implementations

With 2 founding members from the Oxbridge project joining Integra Arribatec as RCP consultants, and as the leading provider of Unit4 ERP expertise to universities, we boast experience that means we are unmatched globally as an RCP provider. We offer an outstanding level of RCP service through valuable knowledge and a skillset that stems from a combined experience of 25 years in Higher Education.

TRAC and FEC Methodology


.circa 2000

Transparent Approach to Costing

A methodology based around academic culture and so, used throughout Higher Education in the UK to aid Institutions find the cost of their activities.



.circa 2004-2005

Full Economic Cost

FEC is a methodology used throughout Higher Education in the UK at Institutions that undertake research, that calculates the true (i.e. total) cost of research to an Institution.

Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) implementation at four of Norway's leading universities

Unit4 asked our team of RCP experts to help a group of four Norwegian universities implement and benefit from the Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions regarding our Unit4 Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) solutions. Should your query not be covered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Which industries is the Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) solution typically used in?

Traditionally we have implemented the RCP solution into organisations within the university and non profit industries. The solution would be of benefit to any organisation that receives fund applications though.

Is the solution multi-lingual and multi-currency?

Yes, this allows organisations to cost and price projects no matter where they are located.

Is there a standard cost for the Research, Costing & Pricing (RCP) solution?

The cost of the solution depends on a number of factors, such as number of users and much more. To receive a quote, please arrange a free consultation.