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Everything your organisation needs to support its strategic objectives and future growth ambitions

Generate effective business plans, forecasts and budgets

The Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting solution enables you to plan, budget and forecast like never before, helping to ensure you are able to provide your organisation with the information it needs to make smarter strategic decisions.

With limitless planning horizons, bottom-up and top-down budgeting and scenario-based forecasts, as well as much more, Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting provides you with everything you need to draw clear actionable insights from the data at your disposal, while also providing a clearer picture of your organisations' operations.

Crucially, the Planner, Budgeting & Forecasting solution can also be integrated with other Unit4 ERP (Agresso) solutions, as well as external systems and spreadsheets, ensuring you can benefit from the use of single streamlined system which incorporates data from a range of different sources.

How can it benefit us?

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As the UK's longest-standing Unit4 partner, we are perfectly placed to help you make the most of the powerful functionality available through Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Planner, Budgeting & Forecasting.


Controlled budgeting

Easily move from centralised to devolved budgeting with a combination of self-service facilities and workflows


Data integration

Integrate a wide range of data sources thanks to dynamic links into Excel, external programs and user-defined, web-based direct data entry screens.


Accurate reporting

Benefit from up-to-date information via standard or browser enquiries against the transaction table or via the user-defined balance tables


Robust security

User permissions, audit controls, validation and security features are tightly managed throughout


A clearer picture

Automatically generate supporting transactions from income and expense postings


Simplicity & power

Real-time, two-way integration between the underlying database and the front-end

Unit4 Financial Planning & Anaysis (FP&A); the new fully-featured alternative to Planner, Budgeting & Forecasting

Find out how the new integrated Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) solution can help support your financial planning process during these challenging times

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions regarding our Unit4 Planner, Budgeting & Forecasting solutions. Should your query not be covered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Can this solution be integrated fully with Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Finance Management?

Yes, Planner, Budgeting & Forecasting can draw data directly from Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Finance Management. This is one of the key benefits of Unit4’s solution over any other alternatives.

Can this solution integrate with Microsoft Excel?

Yes, as well as a number of other business applications.

Will this solution allow me to drill down into transactional detail?

Yes, this is possible due to the integration with Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Financial Management.

Can you provide a demo of the solution in action?

Yes, we would be happy to! You can request this via our free consultation page.