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Improve your own people's experience and efficiencies with personalised, role-based workspaces

Put your people at the heart of your system

Workspaces provides your people with a new way to interact with your Unit4 ERP (Agresso) system, enabling them access to all the information and functionality they need with one click, revolutionising their day-to-day experience of your Unit4 ERP (Agresso) system.

Workspaces allows your people to work from a single window within Unit4 ERP (Agresso), with their window customised based on factors such as their system rights, role and requirements. This helps put to an end your people having to browse through various system windows to find the information they need, significantly improving their day-to-day efficiencies and individual experience.

How can it benefit us?

View an intro demo

Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Workspaces helps to improve the day-to-day efficiencies of your people, while also boosting their experience of working within your system


Work from one window

Your people can perform all their tasks from within one single window


Visual tools

The single window displays all analytics, KPIs and alerts, as well as much more


Highly personalised

Data is visualised dependant on a person's system rights, role and requirements

Watch Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Workspaces in action

Gain an overview of how Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Workspaces could beneift your organisation and its people with our introduction demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions regarding our Unit4 Workspaces solutions. Should your query not be covered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Talk to us

Can you provide a demo of the Workspaces solution?

Yes, you can access an introduction demo above, but should you require a more in-depth demo then please feel free to contact us via our free consultation page.

Do you have any examples of Workspaces that have been created?

Yes, we have videos that show a number of different role-based workspaces in action. Please head over to our free consultation page to request these.

What is the cost of Workspaces?

The cost depends on a number of factors, such as the number of users you have and so on. Please head over to our free consultation page to request a quote based on your requirements.